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Invest early in the project to save cost later

We thrive on supporting you!

The founders of ERP & Friends have too many times seen how it turns out when you start an ERP project the wrong way. 70% of the project fails.

An idea was born to boil down and structure our experiences in order to support organizations at an early stage Before their Projects have advanced too far down the wrong track It requires a little more effort early on but will save you much more down the road. We are independant of any ERP vendors and will provide you with unbiased advice in the selection process for a new ERP.

Who we are

ERP & Friends is a team of experienced and humble people who are eager to always deliver quality and to work with clients and colleagues who challenge us. We typically have certifications from  IPMA or other similar agencies. Give us a call or send us an email if you would like to know how it is to work with us. You may also use the contact form below, we look forward to your inquiry.

Stefan Schnitzer, Managing Partner



ERP & Friends AB

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