Establishing a development process under strong growth

The client was a smaller ERP vendor with a growing customer base due to some larger wins in the market. The growth was putting a strain on the organization and quality was suffering in the customer deliveries. In order to dramatically improve their delivery capacity the decided to engage us.

The starting point was a complete lack of process and controls, each developer was working on their own with very little coordination. So our consultant first had to establish a sense of urgency by showing the customers experiences from the delieveries they were handing over. the next step was to develop a process with controls and where everyone on the team had to follow it.

The outcome was that the client got much better control and quality in their deliveries. Further, once the team saw that their earlier fire fighting disappeared they were able to start planning and committing to plans with customers.

The key challenge was to get everyone to believe that process and discipline would eventuelly lead to much less fire-fighting as they had no evidence it would do so.

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