One CoA

One Chart of Accounts was a building block for one Shared Service Center

The client was a company consisting of about 10 subsidiaries having their own admin departments and ERP solutions. In total the group had 6000 employees. They ran thousands of projects each year. They also had a substantial service business. The company had run into limitations with the setup. A re-branding and a go to markets startegy had highlighted major hurdles in the existing admin setup in addition to the ERP platform.

We were engaged as the clients PM for the implementation of the new ERP. As one of the key project goals we were enforcing one chart of accounts as this would both ensure consistent KPIs and performance management but also allow future organizational flexibility in how to have setup a Shared Service Center (SSC).

The outcome was for the management team to have comparable performance numbers throughout the company. Eventually the client also decided to eliminate local admin departments and setup a SSC since the business case was so strong in favor of doing it.

The key challenge for us was that the key project people that would be made redundant by the future SSC saw this coming and jumped ship so the ERP implementation could not meet the timeline due to resource shortage. But by adding more consultants to the team we manage to reach the go-live with some delays.

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