Are you Startklar?

Our propriatary model is built on many, long and complex ERP projects. It is divided into 20 subsections. Each subsection contains 5 statements that are either true or false for your project. Each correct statement gives 1 point which all in all can yield a total maximum of 100 points. Your result will indicate the "health" for your project.  Learn more in the article "Are you about to derail you ERP project"

Please note! If you have yet to start your project or are still in pre-study mode you will get a low point sum. Then the important next step is to address the weaknesses to increase your project's "health"  before you kick-off.

How do I do the Startklar test?

Download the Startklar form

Begin by pressing the button below to save the pdf document "Startklar". You will be asked to provide your emailadress first. (document is only available in Swedish currently)

Grade yourself on all statements

The statements about your Project are distributed across 5 main sections as presented in the picture below. Within each main section there is 4 subsections each containing 5 statements. For the result of the test to be meaningful you need to grade yourself on all of the statements. Please Think about what your project's situations is right at this moment when you assign the points.

Project model

Contains Project stages, Organization, Tools and Quality management

Change management

Contains Project sponsor, Project management, Requirements understanding and Change ability

Project scope

Contains Project goals, Limitations, Prioritization model and Procurement process

IT competency

Contains Developement, Infrastructure, Maintenance and Technical Project management

Project competency

Contains Project and Requirements experience, Experience from ERP changes and Process developement skills

Calculate the main section points to get your total sum

All Points are of equal value so a simple addition is enough. We have chosen simplicity in order to to make the point result to be understandable and actionable.

Compare your projects score with the graph at the top of the page

When you have compared your project's "health" with the graph on the top of the page you will know if you need to improve. Go back to the form to review in what subsections you have gotten low points to understand what you need to improve. If you have low experience from ERP replacements you will most likely need our support in interpreting what the next steps should be. We are of course always available to advice you in this process. (Contact information at the bottom of the page)

Launch your Ready. Set. Go! programme

ERP & Friends method is designed to ensure and optimal starting position for your ERP project. But you may equally well diagnose your project when it has already started and it is not performing well. Give us a call and we will advice you.   

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