Creating efficient inventory management to enable future growth

Creating efficient inventory management to enable future growth

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Our client’s existing inventory management and financials steering has been under pressure for a number of years. As the client launched a new strategy it was impossible to avoid modernizing the business platform.

We were initially engaged as advisor in the selection and procurement of a new ERP. Further, we advised on support model, cloudification options, integration options and implementation team setup. During the selection process we also helped formulate the clients future Operating Model which the new ERP will service.

The outcome was that the client chose Visma Business, new VAN operator and also to elimiate double entry by integrating with their CRM and external logistics service. With our background we were able to negotiate license and implementation fees that saved the client significant money relative to the total contract. We were glad when the CEO of the client asked us to continue in the role as implementation project manager to steer the work of the client’s internal team as well as the ERP implementation partner team.

The new inventory management support in the new solution will provide significant process improvements such as:

  • Better access to information for inventory personnel and finance
  • Better inventory information access for Key Account Managers
  • Stronger opportunities for management to manage and grow the business.

It will be exciting for us to follow the progress into the future for our client.