Cutting costs with process intelligence

Cutting costs by replacing traditional process mapping method with process intelligence

Lästid ~ 5 min

Together with our new partner firm Agilon, we conducted a project at a client during a 5 month period. Our client’s initial method when performing process maps were traditional, cumbersome and time consuming for the people assigned to the task. The time consuming task would not suffice as a reliable solution in future mappings of other divisions in the company group.

Resources needed for this task were project manager, expert in Agilon tool, database expert in structurerd query language (SQL), steering group from our client and a quality assurance manager.

The starting point for this reference project was to identify 1-2 processes that were lacking in efficiency and had long lead times in between certain actions taken by the user of the system. We concluded that time reporting and the project lifecycle would be interesting to investigate further based on input from our client.

Drill down functionality into certain business areas. In this case looking at late time reporting (time reported outside the correct period)

Extraction of data were made and then loaded into the Agilon tool and after a few iterations in assuring data quality and figuring out each step of the process. We managed to produce a process, showing their reality in the system solution and how they are working. Furthermore, drill down functionality were produced so that our client could identify what divisions of their business and even sections that eg. reports time too late and thereby fails to invoice within the correct time period.

Process map of the time reporting process in our customers system

The output of this reference project was that the client got a more reliable single point of truth process documentation. The steering group approved using this method in order to start a more detalied analysis of the business in order to find areas where there is room for improvement in efficiency for example.