Selecting a new CRM and ERP as a platform for growth

Selecting a new CRM and ERP as a platform for growth

The client is a rapidly growing company in the installation sector with a strong focus towards renewable energy solutions. As it was operating on small company systems it had hit its head against the wall in terms of scalability and performance transparency. So to ensure its further growth trajectory and ability to multiply its size several times we were hired to develop scalable work processes and procure an ERP platform that would support the business for many years to come.

The most challenging part was the lack of existing processes to start from and the fairly diverse business setup which meant a broad set of requirements on a new ERP solution was to be captured in a very short timespan. At the end of the day the client was happy with the outcome  and contracted the best ERP provider and implementation partner.

The outcome of the engagement was that we not only ran an ERP selection process but eventually also advised on replacing the existing CRM and instead select the CRM and Marketing Automation capabilities of the new ERP platform. A new integration architecture was provided and adapted to the growth needs of the client. 

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