Transformation of poorly performing business units

Transformation of poorly performing business units to the best performing business unit model

The client, as highly successful consulting company, wanted to significantly increase the bottom line in the poorly performing business units but using a blue print of the best one and implement it in the others. The client was rapidly growing both organically and through acqusitions.

We were hired to lead the effort of building a shared group-wide vision of what their future ERP platform required to fully capture the best practice model. Subsequently we led the roll-outs of the ERP into a number of their core markets in Europe.

The most challenging part for the client was when the existing operating model in one market deviated significantly from the best practice model. It led to a full re-design of the organization in that market, change of roles & responsibilities and re-configuring their core delivery process.

At the end of the day, a lot of in-efficiencies were exposed and disposed of which gradually allowed the operating unit in that market to improve its performance. But is was painful for them during the transition. Our learning; our best performing clients do not shy away from what must be done to stay on top of their game.