Re-establishing a belief in global finance and HR processes

Re-establishing a belief in global finance and HR processes in a global company with high personell turn-over

The client, a very successful customer service provider that as client base has many financial and software companies, had grown tremendously organically and by acquisition and in the process had lost track of its ways of working. This showed itself in constant battles about which way to develop their SAP solution and even had far reaching discussions about dismantling its global instance and break it up into regional instances instead. We developed together with the CEO and the CFO an approach, with the intent to avoid a costly SAP project, whereby we investigated the challenges in getting back to working with global processes supported by the existing SAP solution. It also entailed evaluating the best ROI for in which geographical location to keep the maintainance team.

The most challenging part was to bring together the employees entrenched in the battles and get them to talk to each other, distrust was abundant and likewise politics. However, we presented a playbook to the new CFO where she could start re-implementation of global processes and where she knew the efficiency potential would be great. Further we presented the financially optimal location for the maintainance team. Eventually the process also led to one of the guys on the battle field left the company which greatly reduced the fighting about what the global SAP solution should be supporting.

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