Fast paced value creation with agile process development

Using our agile process development method to establish a long term sustainable value creation and prepare the customer for e.g. potential system selection initiatives

Our client, a well-reputed company in the constructor industry had been growing fast for a long time which had left the company with inefficient ways of working and low scalability.

So, where do you start when you have a business lacking common processes resulting in very varying profit margins in projects? Management had identified two actions that they thought could be a good starting point for creating a requirement specification for upcoming system selections and integrations.

1. In an agile way create a single source of truth for all process maps including; policies, applications, future system requirements, actors and dependencies between processes.

2. Map out the best-practice way of working to secure future profitability. This was to be achieved by interviewing the best-performing project managers.

We were engaged to adapt our agile process mapping method to our client’s specific needs and situations. We used a well-known tool called 2C8 and applied a phase structure for all processes that complied with the view the construction industry has of its own delivery method. With this in place, we generated a process map with a clear hierarchical structure. The next step was to map out all activities within the structure. The activity structure was one of the key inputs to the future system selection effort.

Once ready for the process mapping for different project types, we conducted two workshops, for a total of 10 hours and. During these workshops, we draw the process maps live and managed to map out the entire workflow while also applying information about roles, applications, checklists needed by the business to execute the processes.

With this agile process mapping method, we delivered, within a very short timeframe, a process repository for the software selection initiative. We also built change momentum by “wow-ing” the business participants as we published interactive process maps to them right after the workshop, thanks to capabilities embedded in the 2C8 tool.

Do you need to get process maps done rapidly to launch a quality improvement initiative, re-architecting your platform, or procure a new system? Please read more here or drop us an email here.

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