As-is process mapping with our agile method of conducting workshops and producing process maps

As-is process mapping with our agile method of conducting workshops and producing process maps

”ERP & Friends agila processkartläggningsmetod, är effektivare än traditionell processkartläggning i alla dess aspekter. Vi har under as-is kartläggningen, lyckats skapa samsyn i processerna och fått en djup förståelse och detaljkunskap över var det finns vissa förbättringsmöjligheter i våra led. Alla workshopdeltagare har uttryckt sig mycket positivt kring metoden och de har med stöd från kartläggningsverktyget och symboliken som använts, snabbt kunnat ta sig an ett processtänk, vilket har varit en utmaning tidigare. Utifrån projektmål och förväntningar på processkartläggningen är vi väldigt nöjda med utfallet.”

Ingvar Petterson, IT-Chef

During spring 2022, we conducted an as-is process mapping project within pre-known process areas (pain areas) together with Gränges business experts. The reason why we were appointed this task was that:

1. They didn’t have a structured process repository and didn’t follow a harmonized way of working
2. Low transparency between production steps, which causes trouble and a lack of understanding of when and to who you are handing over your work to
3. Already known pain areas but knew that there were many more to be identified and put into perspective for the workshop participants
4. Lack of requirement specification when they implemented a new ERP, which caused current pain areas. Workarounds have been built and manual processes are very common, in order to cope and keep up production as usual.

During the as-is mapping, we also made a GAP analysis of the current situation in these 7 areas (deviation, finance, article, casting, rolling, supply chain planning and rework). In order to capture a justified picture of the business today, these 7 areas generated just over 120 process models of different kinds. Each process area was covered by a 2 á 4 hours workshop and 1-3 hours of follow-up and verification of each process map. The hours could fluctuate depending on the size of the process area and also if we had the right business experts to give the right input needed.

To capture all activities performed in the process maps/process areas and GAPs, the project group used an agile process mapping method which is based on effective, weekly production of process maps. The method helped us in each workshop to get high involvement from the participants by letting them analyze their ways of working together. They, therefore, got convinced at a very early stage, that their input could directly lead to actual change which could help them in their daily work. In addition to involvement, the participants felt that they got instant feedback on what they described and could easily change the process along the way.

For Gränges, this was an important exercise in order to gain a deeper understanding of their current situation. For the business experts and employees method and as-is process mapping, it was a very successful concept to create consensus among themselves and their processes. It was also a good exercise for the participants to get into the mindset of “how are we doing things today and how can we improve tomorrow”. But also a way to compile and structure all processes, gaps, roles and applications in each process map. With our agile method, we gave Gränges a structured way to approach their gaps for each process area. We strongly believe that it’s now a high probability that they can start conducting high-impacting changes in the near future.

In the analysis of the current situation, our focus was directed toward each workshop participant representing each process area. We wanted each participant to share their picture of their way of working, mainly focused on their current production systems but also manual tasks that they felt could be improved (GAP:s) and then be a part of the future changes.

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