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Our philosophy

ERP & Friends was founded in 2017 with the ambition to make all future system implementations better than before for our customers. Above all our focus is to make sure that more companies will get great return on large investments.

The word Friends in our company name stands for our belief that our employees and associated consultants can work in symbiosis. Friends also stands for the systems that are interconnected in a modern business platform with a ERP-system at its heart. Together with our large consultant network ERP & Friends are growing by each day!

Working at ERP & Friends

Our purpose is to contribute to ”increasing our customers ability to evolve their operational model”. We offer or customers services that develop their processes, system and competence.

Furthermore we believe that our job is to help companies evade very costly mistakes when acquiring and exchanging a ERP-system. We help our customers in a broader perspective. Which inlucdes everything from analysing a companies digital maturity too establishing a well working management organisation.

Real cases from our customers

Fast paced value creation with agile process development
Using our agile process development method to establish a long term sustainable value creation and prepare the customer for e.g. …
Re-establishing a belief in global finance and HR processes
Re-establishing a belief in global finance and HR processes in a global company with high personell turn-over The client, a …
Transformation of poorly performing business units
Transformation of poorly performing business units to the best performing business unit model The client, as highly successful consulting company, …

Our resources (in Swedish)

RFP (Request for Proposal)

Our RFP is a template for the first phase in acquiring or replacing a ERP-system. The template is suited for anyone who is looking to invest in a new ERP-system. Read more about how we can help you acquire a ERP-system

Download RFP


Our propriarity model is built on many, long and complex ERP projects. The model Startklar is firstly divided into 20 sub areas. Every sub area contains 6 statements that are either true or fake regarding ERP-projects. Read more below

Download Startklar


This guide will give you a concept of how a company creates a competitive business platform. The guide contains five major areas and will help you get a graps of s eg. where to start and what choices a business will face. Read more below

Download E-guide

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